How a doctor monitoring your vitals monthly can save your life

There is a wise saying that goes, “Happy are the ones who are healthy”, and sadly we all have felt it when our happy moments are interrupted with sudden aches or uneasiness in our bodies. Unfortunately, in the present world of hustle culture and constant chase after wealth and position, we often tend to forget about the actual wealth i.e. “Our Health”. As we are progressing more towards technology and innovation, we are losing the connection with our bodies. It has now become nothing but machinery. What about our body that wraps our soul within it, that works tiredly from the very moment we are born and to our very last breath?

Why do we need monthly health check-ups?

To keep toxins in check

There is no denying that we, as a generation, are always surrounded by pollution and the temptation of mouth-watering fast foods, and we end up gathering a lot of toxins in our bodies. This results in early symptoms of auto-immune and chronic diseases, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, etc. Anyone can have them, surprisingly there is no age limit; people in their 20s nowadays are suffering from these diseases.

To better understand the cause early on

So to prevent the situation from getting even worse, healthy habits should be a priority, but more significance should be given to “monthly health check-ups” because before treating a body, one must be meticulously aware of the cause i.e. the disease. Once the cause is discovered, the suggestion or treatment of the doctor along with the healthy habits can fight together for a holistic transformation of your well-being.

To be more aware of existing diseases or the risk

Another more important reason why monthly check-ups should not be taken lightly is the possibility of our body being affected by any severe diseases without our knowledge. We have often heard about that one person who was in good health suddenly discovered a deadly disease, such as Cancer or Liver Cirrhosis. So before it gets too late, monthly health checkups have to make it to your list of priorities to take strict precautions against the existing or growing disease.

To live a long & healthy life with your loved ones

Above all, the reason why should monthly health check must be at the top of your to-do list is the “universal truth” we are all afraid of – losing our loved ones. We all know how uncertain life is, how in an instance we can lose someone to death. Monthly health checkups will make sure that there is nothing inside the body that will turn into something deadly or even if there is something, then preventative measures can always be taken through the right medical treatments. Many people have been saved and cured by early diagnosis, many have been able to save their loved ones too. We may think that health is a personal thing, it only affects the host, but an illness can bring one’s family and friends under immense mental strain which can again lead to another lasting mental disease.

Final note

Our life is nothing but a sum of our choices. Throughout our lives, we make some good decisions which turn our lives around; we also take some decisions that end up being great lessons. But amongst all that, we must remind ourselves to make the important decisions. If the choice to lead an aware and healthy life can lend us some more time to spend in this world, with our loved ones, then this decision is the most important decision one can ever take.

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